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Objectives of SOA

Singapore is known for being the myopic capital in the world. Optometrists in Singapore stand at the fore front in the prevention and correction of myopia. Optometrists are also well versed in the detection, diagnosis and management of eye disorders. The Singapore Optometric Association (SOA) represents its member Optometrists in promoting and upholding the profession of Optometry.

"Optometrists are the primary eye care practitioners of the eye and visual system, who provide comprehensive eye and vision care, which includes refraction, dispensing, detection/diagnosis and management of disease in the eye, and the rehabilitation of conditions of the visual system."

Adapted from the World Council of Optometry



1. To join together in a body corporate all persons of good character engaged in the practice of the art and science of optometry.

2. To maintain, promote and protect the visual welfare of the people of Singapore.

3. To support, uphold and protect the character and status and advance the interest of the profession of optometry.

4. To foster the growth and diffusion of optometrical knowledge generally and particularly to improve the practical and theoretical knowledge of persons engaged or about to become engaged in the profession of optometry.

To promote, encourage and advance higher levels of education and training of optometrists, and to that end, to seek the establishment of a course for the training and education of optometrists in a University of Singapore.

5. To represent generally the views and interests of the profession of optometry and to establish its professional status and integrity by promoting just and honorable practice.

6. To assist in developing an informed public opinion on matters relating to optometric vision care.

7. To hold educational and professional meetings and conference between optometrist from neighboring countries.

8. To establish and provide library facilities and exchange of knowledge between members of the Association.

9. To promote friendly intercourse among members of the optometrical and other health professions.

10. To in any way co-operates with, or affiliate with, any other national or international organization of optometrist or optometrical association.