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Presbyopia (Reading Problems)

Presbyopia is a condition caused by the natural hardening of the crystalline lens inside the eye. The losing of flexibility of the lens will prevent the focusing of light rays on the retina while reading.


Presbyopia occurs when an individual reaches 38 to 40 years old, in which the reading power required will slowly increase,with the decreasing flexibility of the crystalline lens through the years thereafter. Reading glasses /correction may be needed to focus on near objects.


Presbyopic people who have mild Myopia may not need reading glasses, as they can read well without glasses. Their reading requirement is already compensated by the mild myopia. Those who have higher amounts of Myopia will require correction for both distance vision and reading.

Presbyopic people who have Hyperopia will experience increasing difficulty with reading earlier, and distant vision problems later on. They will need correction for both distance vision and reading.