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Contact Lenses

There are different types of contact lenses, manufactured for various types of usage. They can be categorized in terms of soft, rigid gas permeable, and ortho-keratology lenses. Each type of lenses exists in various modality types. Contact lenses should be used with strict hygiene and care.


Soft Contact Lenses (SCL)


There are two types of SCLs, namely Conventionals and Disposables. A pair of conventional lens is used for a period of up to one year. These lenses can be custom made to fit the curvature of one’s cornea. Toric lenses are available in conventional form, for the correction of mild to high amounts of astigmatism. However, conventional SCLs are losing their popularity to Disposable lenses due to the continuous use of one pair of lenses.

Disposable lenses can be in the form of monthly, fortnightly, or daily disposables. Each pair of lenses is to be disposed off after the stated duration. These types of lenses are popular due to the frequent replacement, for new and clean lenses. Toric lenses are available to a certain power for the correction of mild astigmatism. Other lens designs that correct presbyopia are also available.


Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses (RGP)


RGP lenses are slowly gaining its popularity in full time contact lens wearers. This is due to the high oxygen transmissibility of RGP lenses. The cornea gets more oxygen to “breathe” with RGP lenses, compared to SCLs. The initial discomfort from wearing the lenses often puts potential wearers off. However, comfort will not be an issue once the wearer gets used to the lenses in a few weeks.

RGPs are conventional lenses, and each pair is generally used for up to 18 months. RGPs should be fitted by checking the suitability of the lenses in the eye. This process is called Diagnostic Fitting. RGPs are ordered to suit the curvature and size of the cornea. They are also able to correct significant amount of astigmatism without sacrificing visual quality. Special lens designs that correct for presbyopia are also available for RGPs.


Ortho-Keratology Lenses (Ortho-K)


Ortho-K lenses are specially designed lenses that are worn during sleep. The back surface of the lens is shaped to mould the epithelial cells of the cornea, through the pressure of the tears that exist in between the lens and the cornea. This in turn flattens the cornea and corrects for myopia.

After wearing the lenses for over a period of several nights, the wearer would be able to see clearly during the day without wearing any spectacles or contact lenses. Ortho-K lenses are made of materials that allow high amounts of oxygen transmission. The lenses should be fitted with optimal care, as overnight wear of lenses may result in adverse effects of the eye.


NOTE: Please consult Optometrist / Contact Lens Practitioner on the type of lenses that you should use. Your Optometrist / Contact Lens Practitioner will determine which type of lenses will suit your eye best by giving performing an eye examination and a contact lens fitting procedure.

WARNING: Always purchase your contact lenses from a Registered Contact Lens Practitioner. Contact Lenses are prescribed, and are not available over the counter.